For the past few years the Lord has been speaking to me about living in a manner

that is  the  'antithesis' to all that is happening  in the church  and in the

nation. Over the years, as  I waited on Him, I heard Him say,  " There is darkness

in My House.  I am  now  calling those who can  hear My voice  to live lives that

will be the antithesis to all that  is happening. Stop your activities; start to

pray and to live out that 'antithesis.'”


It was difficult because I had meetings lined up and my itinerant ministry was

bringing in much financial blessing.  The books and  tapes were selling  well and

people were blessed. The only problem  was, I did  not have a deep sense of  God's

reality.  I was finding it extremely hard to hear from Him and I did not  enjoy the

sense of  joyful liberation and rest  in my spirit that I am experiencing now. God

settled my indecision by taking me through the typhoid incident!  I was pathetic

during that illness but so spiritually enriched after it. After I recovered, I could

hear Him better and with His directives, came the  explanations. I heard Him say,

"Too many want to travel and speak  for ministerial  and money sake. They have no

interest to  build into my kingdom but into their own ministry which has no eternal

validity. Now, will you obey and live in a manner that is  the antithesis to all



As I  cancelled my itinerant ministry to stay back and spend  time to  pray,  the

directives also came to  price down my books,  to put them  on the website for free

reading.  I was also   to sell my house to buy a piece of  land and to pioneer a

prayer community. Oh, have I been struggling over these directives and decisions for

the  past  two years!  No wonder so many  of us do not dare to spend time in His

presence. Who knows what He will direct us to do next?



The struggles  ceased  lately as I  read Matthew 7:13-14 and Jeremiah 7. In Matthew

7:14, Jesus commanded His disciples to walk the narrow way (or to live in a manner

that is antithetical to the popular worldly order) although it was an unpopular

choice and 'few there be that find it.' In  Jeremiah  7  He convicted  me that the

deception in the church worldwide had already produced decline and darkness, a

darkness  which will  finally  lead to destruction.  I then saw the decline of many

local pastors and also much confusion in our local church scene as everything

climaxes into what Jeremiah described in verse eleven:


        " Is this house, which is called by My name, become a den of robbers

           in your eyes. Behold, even I have seen it, saith the Lord."


Not only do we have semi - nudity, gays and lesbians, con-men and women,

paedophiles, adulterers, fornicators, pseudo prophets/prophetesses and false

apostles defiling the church, we now have an influx of  the merchandizing and

trading spirit. No wonder God said the final result is that His house will become 'a

den of robbers.' As the mercenary and the merchandizing spirit join forces with the

present profanity, we will not only  rob God of His glory, we will also  rob the

nation of  godly standards  or  ‘the sense of God,’ and  the heathen of their hope and salvation.

Many non-Christians are already disgusted as they could not find the difference

between the church and the world.


Pope Benedict called the present culture the ‘culture of death’, and weaved his recent Easter Day message around the contrast between material and spiritual riches an told Christians to undergo a ‘purification of hearts’ so that we can heal a lacerated world. He warned against selfishness, corruption and said that the temptation of worldly riches is ‘the language of the serpent’.

Yes, even the church is now inundated with the ‘culture of death’ and the ‘language of the serpent.’ What, then, is God saying to us? What is His urgent and fresh call at this hour to the church in our nation? Are the prophets and prophetesses in Malaysia hearing Him or are we still prophesying ‘vain things’ and dishing out only favorable personal prophecies? Can we hear God calling men and women to live lives that are the antithesis to the horrible system of greed, materialism and compromise that has defiled the church and the land? Do we hear God calling us back to kingdom life and an apostolic lifestyle? When we do hear, do we then, have the strength to obey? To live a life that is the antithesis to all that is around us is like a fish swimming against the tide. Its strength could break against that onslaught.

Does God know? Yes, He does. This is why He told Israel, “Go on this special diet. Feed on manna (Me) daily. If you do, then you can fight against that order. The journey is indeed too hard for you but you can do it as you feed on Me and let Me infuse you with My life.”

But Israel rejected that special diet. This is why they could not make the journey. Will we let the same happen to us? God knows we can only walk the narrow way and be the antithesis to the defiled, worldly and devilish system if we have an infusion of the life of Jesus. But the church life today is hardly an ‘infusion of His life’; rather, it is an infusion of programs, activities, mental knowledge and great exteriors. If I had not stopped my itinerant ministry and spent time in His presence to hear from Him, and then to have been allowed to see what He showed me, I would not have the strength to carry out His directives. And to many of us these directives seem to be utter foolishness.

Does it seem too much for a single woman pastor who is in her ‘retirement years’ to sell her house and part with her only piece of visible and tangible asset? Yet my disobedience, after the Lord has shown me the rich rewards of my decision, would be worse than total foolishness and wickedness. My heart came to a liberating rest and joy when I could finally agree with what God was saying to me.

“The church must not only pray. She must live her prayers. If the church in Malaysia will not live lives that are the antithesis to all that is around her she will never be able to defeat the powers of darkness in this land; neither will she have the strength to avert My coming judgment.”

The infusion of His strength has helped me to yield, to agree to His directives and to start to live in a manner that will be the ‘antithesis’ to that which is selfish, worldly and devilish. I am doing it not because I m spiritual, wonderful or ‘one step above the rest’. I am doing it as an act of obedience and out of a deep love for God. I am also doing it because I want to ‘stand in the gap’ for many priests and prophets who are unable to come free of the psychic bondage to materialism. I am also doing it as an encouragement to others to follow. The Lord has given me the assurance that there will be many others who will follow as His reality enveloped us for “Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power” (Psalm 110:3)

I now know what it means when I pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” God’s kingdom cannot come if His will is not done. The ‘kingdom lifestyle’ is the antithesis to the selfish, worldly and devilish order which the enemy has set up. It is wonderful to give it all to Him instead of allowing an incoming tsunami to sweep it away. Of course many still do not believe that a tsunami will ever hit the Malaysian shore or that Malaysian houses or properties will get swept off. People in Acheh and New Orleans did not think it could happen; nevertheless it did. Did people think that Subang Jaya and Shah Alam would get that badly flooded and that winds of that magnitude can hit the city? It happened and the worse is yet to come.

Is your life, up to this time just a product of an institution (the church) or is it an infusion of the life of Jesus? If it is an infusion of the life of Jesus, then you can come free of the psychic attraction to materialism and the ‘culture of death.’ You can live the ‘kingdom lifestyle’ and not listen to the ‘language of the serpent’. You can speak God’s language, ‘go against the tide’ and live the life that is the ‘antithesis’ to all that is around you so that you can heal the lacerated world … and the church.